I hate filling out forms online. Isn’t it just one of the most annoying and boring tasks?!

Evidently the thoughtful creators behind Apple agree as their most recent Mac OS X update, Snow Leopard and Lion, come geared up with a cool automatic form filler outer.

Inventively named ‘AutoFill’ this nifty tool takes note of your personal information, such as your forenames, surname and address, ready to automatically paste it into any form you come across. Whenever an empty form pops up, Mac AutoFill should set to work ad fill the correct data into the blank fields. Although in my experience, this tool doesn’t always hit the nail on the head fist time around. It usually gets the correct slots 9/10 but as forms can vary in length and questions, sometimes your details can be posted slightly off.

Another possible slight glitch is that Mac AutoFill is integrated on Apple’s home grown internet browser Safari. So you may not be able to use it to its best abilities on others such as Firefox and Chrome etc.

However, if you are a faithful Apple user through and through and not only surf the web via Safari but also own other Apple products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod, you will certainly be able to make the most of its handy features.

Mac AutoFill is especially great when you are doing a quick naughty shop online, as it saves you filling gout your postal address, perfect for those sneaky last minute buys on your work lunch break.

So lets get your’s set up shall we…


How to Set Up Mac AutoFill!

1.) As AutoFill works hand in hand with Safari, begin your quest by opening this browser. Once loaded go and click on ‘Safari’ bold text in the toolbar.Start the process by opening Safari. Click on the bold browser name in the toolbar.

2.) A drop down dialog menu will appear, scroll along and pick ‘Preferences.’

3.) Another menu will open, this time select the ‘AutoFill’ tab. Then and tick the checkbox next to ‘Using info from my Address Book card’ with a simple click of your cursor over the box.

4.) To ensure you always get the correct information filled into your new forms, here is where you need to fill and your details or do a quick proof read if they are already there. Press the Edit button to see if any changed need to be made.

For future reference, you can always update your personal information in your personal Address Book “My Card” by following the steps above up until this point.

If everything has gone according to plan, the next time you come face to face with an imposing blank form, Safari should communicate with AutoFill and pull up the necessary information it requires from your Address Book.


If you have noticed that your prized Mac is running slower than an old aged pensioner sleepwalking up Mount Kilimanjaro, there are some simple steps to take for a quick fix – click here to sort out any Mac Running Slow issues.

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